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  • Hello from a newbie

    This is my introductory post and while I'm an amateur maker of edged tools (chisels, scrapers, etc.), I haven't made any knives...yet.

    I did three years at TAFE learning blacksmithing techniques and have set up a small coke/charcoal forge area where I'm discovering the pleasure and frustration of working steel.

    I also snagged a gas forge kit from Niroc last Jan. and will soon be playing with that. It's built and has been fired up but not used as yet. Soooon!

    I'm basically retired after 25 years in the film industry here, only going back to work when a feature comes in and they offer me enough to nose the grindstone again.

    I hope to be picking up some ideas and techniques from whoever will share and will help out wherever I can.



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    Hi Kim, thanks for the post and welcome.
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      Gidday Kim, welcome to the forum
      wave man AKA Dean
      my YouTube channel
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        Welcome and looking forward to some very well produced WIP's and photos.
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          Hiya Kim Welcome to ABF and i look forward to seeing some of your creations