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  • New Guy from Melbourne

    Hey guys,

    I'm Jeremiah but everyone calls me Miah or Jmyer. Work full time in a bank.

    I love knives ever since I was a kid and just started to collect them. I usually got my knives from Ebay but they aren't really what I am looking for. I want something more, looking for what's on my mind. Sharp knives!!!! and hopefully will have a good resell values but SHARP is my main concern.

    So I'm hungry for knowledge, please feed me.

    Just bought a fixed knife from Cold Steel but it was Made in China. I believe the quality is not as good since it was made in china.

    Any suggestions on what should I look for?

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    Welcome mate, depends what your into, military, bushcraft folders fixed blades, then you can all the different grinds metals.. but it all comes down to what you can afford in the's a addiction haha


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      It is an addiction. Can't stop searching for knives, any knives really. Guess I have to learn all types of knives before I can decide which one I am going to get.


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        Welcome Miah.
        There are a lot of good things made in China. You just need to be careful about what you buy.
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          Hiya Miah Welcome to ABF and i hope we can help you decide on a theme for your collection


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            What type of material should I look for? Will it be Carbon? I think I'm leaning towards bowie knives like the one in Rambo Part 2 and some pocket knives.


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              Miah It depends do you want Safe Queens or Users ? And Rambo Knives unfortunately unless you get them custom made are usually shoddily made for the most part hope this helps


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                Welcome to forum. Have to agree with Glenn some good knives do come out of China and as Alicia said most of the Rambo's are rubbish .Sounds like your into Combat knives or at least you like them Big and Sharp.
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                  This is what I got. Well too late to cancel now.

                  Knife Mad, yes I like them Big and Sharp but I do like Sharp pocket knives as well.

                  Where do you guys get your knives from?

                  Alicia, what's the difference between safe queens and users. I am looking for the material that will make a blade stay sharp for a longer period of time even if you use them frequently.


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                    welcome sit back and ejoy the Ride.
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                      Welcome Miah, stick around and you will learn alot
                      As to where you can get knives from, there are quite a few very fine knife makers right here, there is an Exchange section in this forum, Ebay(be prepared to pay a lot here) and YouTube can give you access to a lot of US and Europe custom knife makers (remember though you cant import one hand opening folders into Australia).
                      A safe queen is (usually) an expensive knife that you do not want to use, you own it for its appeal/art/desire or its become a collectors piece. Examples might be Hinders/Chris Reeves/Striders or a custom made blade. you bring it out to clean and look at it (fondle) and then it goes right back into the safe.
                      A user is a knife which you like to 'use' whether it be to carry in your pocket as EDC (EveryDayCarry), bushwalking/hiking, food prep, work tool etc etc. Your not worried if it gets a little beat'n up from said use.
                      Generally the better the steel, the better the blade will hold its edge. China steel can be decent (8cr13mov,etc) and alot of production/factory made blades are producted in China/stheast asia (Kershaws,SOG,Cold Steel etc). For excellent edge holding your looking at steels like 154cm,VG10,V35, Elmax, AEB-L, S125Vn or the latest 'supersteel' SM100 (truely a wicked alloy, mixs titanium and nickle together, but scary expensive). These are just some of the many quality steels out there.
                      Carbon steel such as 1095/D2 need a little more time spent on maintance (cleaning and oil'n) to prevent rust, carbon steel tends to be easier to sharpen. Stainless Steel is more resistant to rust than carbon steel, can a little harder to put an edge on but will hold that edge a little longer that carbon steel generally. As i say the better the steel, the better the edge and also the more expensive the knife will be.
                      I hope this has been helpful mate, all the best for your collection and remember the only stupid question is the one thats never asked.
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                        firstly welcome to this great forum. minah my suggestion is to read up on knife steel quality and types, then grind types, then I'd start looking at types of knives. your search for "sharp" needs to begin with the understanding of the basics first. otherwise we can't help properly as there is too much to teach you in trying to answer your questions. please take no offence as all the long time users and contributors to the forum have all done this and it will benefit you greatly.
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                          Wow thedish. You have answered all of my queries. Thanks man.

                          I just received my new Cold Steel Knife this morning. Got it delivered to my workplace. Liking it so far but it is not as sharp as I expect it to be. Maybe I am just being picky.

                          How do you sharpen your knife. I did a few searches but still have no idea what is the best way to sharpen my knife. I saw something like this on ebay.



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                            Alexander, I am reading the types of knives description on wikipedia.



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                              handy steel types reference.
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