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  • Newbie from Brissie

    Hi all,

    Johvic here sayin G'day to all.

    Originally from the Philippines, now residing in Brisbane.

    I own several bladed pieces, some of which are Swiss Champ, Leatherman Wave, some kitchen knives, Cold steel Spike.


    I enjoy taking photographs, tinkering with watches, nice cars and anything Star Wars.


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    Hey there,
    welcome along, star wars eh? have you watched the vader sessions on you tube? funny stuff. i dig star wars too.


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      Hiya Johvic Welcome to ABF and i hope we can help your collection grow


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        Welcome new Padawan . it's nice to see wood handled kitchen knives still in use. And yet another Qlder.
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          Hey Johvic, Welcome fellow Queenslander


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            Welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy your time here
            "The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall."
            Che Guevara

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              Welcome Johvic ,

              Looks like you might do a lot of cooking. Nice knives to cook with.
              Glenn Waters


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                Welcome aboard
                Stewart Townsend
                Australian Knifemakers Guild


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                One knife.
                Two knives.
                The plural possessive is knives'.


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                  Hello Johvic, welcome to the forums, nice blades and count me as another SW fan 8)


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                    Heys johvic, with jj abrams star trek coming off so well, theres optimism about his efforts with the new star wars! Welcome to another fixed blade fan!


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                      Welcome Johvic

                      Hail to Gene Roddenberry!!

                      “The network told me to get rid of Number One, the woman first lieutenant, and also get rid of 'that Martian fellow'... meaning, of course, Spock. I knew I couldn't keep both, so I gave the stoicism of the female officer to Spock, and married the actress who played Number One. Thank God it wasn't the other way around. I mean Leonard's cute, but...”
                      ― Gene Roddenberry

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                        Love that quote Dutchy! Big childhood Star Trek fan here. New movie had me geeking out like you wouldn't believe!


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                          Thanks guys! I feel so welcomed already. And yes, we do a lot of cooking. Me and my wife even have an album in our FB account just for the food we have cooked.


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                            Gidday Johvic, welcome to the forum, from another Brisbanite
                            wave man AKA Dean
                            my YouTube channel
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                              Hi Wave man,

                              I see your cold steel sig and I am looking at getting a Recon Tanto. Have you got any feedback on where is the best place to get my hands on one?
                              Thanks for the welcome.