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Hello I am new member from Finland

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  • Hello I am new member from Finland

    I just join to your blade forum and would like to say hello for everybody !

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    Welcome to the forum. I think you might be the first from Finland.

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      Gidday Mike, welcome to the forum
      wave man AKA Dean
      my YouTube channel
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        Wow, all the way from Finland. Hello FinnMike, welcome to the forum mate


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          Hyvää päivää and tervetuloa.
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            welcome to the forum.
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              I am sure you will find plenty to share with your new friends from downunder!!


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                Hello Mike and welcome to the forum.
                Glenn Waters


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                  G'Day Mike and welcome Finland, they sure have great knife makers there.
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                    Hello and welcome FinnMike! always great to have international join us Aussies, enjoy your time here


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                      Hi Mike, Welcome to the forum. Looking to seeing your collection /work. I like your pic. Is that your pet?

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                        It´s stuffed bobcat in the museum. But it is possible to see alive bobcats in the forest even it is quite rare animal. It is estimated that we have about 2500 bobcats in the Finland.

                        I haven´t collected long time knives and I haven´t concentrated anything special. I have common factory made knives which I have bought from abroad. And Also I have bought knives from local knife maker. He can make pretty knives. Later I will post pictures.


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                          Welcome mate. Looking forward to seeing some pics! Who is your local knife maker?


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                            Here is pictures of my knives.


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                              Hey finnmike,
                              welcome to the forum, i can't see your pics for some reason? might be my end.