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  • New member from Flanders, Belgium


    I'm a knifemaker from Antwerp, in the north of Belgium.

    I'm knifemaker and like Japanese knives, outdoor knives and friction folders

    You can read more on my website

    see you around


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    Welcome to ABF.
    I had a quick look at your site, you do some very nice work.
    I'm especially a fan of your folders.


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      thank you,

      I have been making folders only a few years now. The technique is now at the level that I like much. Hardened stainless pivot, stainless hardware and screws. The friction folders are legal in a lot of places worldwide. Blade length can be an issue, but for most models bade length can be adapted to the law in the counry it is going to.

      I started making knives because I couldn't afford the knives i wanted. the hobby has grown and pays for itself ( that makes my wife happy).



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        Welcome to the ABF. I saw photos of the Belgium Blade show and saw some of your blades. Very nice blades!!!! Specially the Japanese style blades.


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          You've got some sexy blades on your website. I love the Japanese inspired knives.


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            Hello and welcome Jan i too had a quick look at your website and i was impressed, quality work there, look forward to seeing more of your work and enjoy your time here at ABF


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              Welcome Jan

              You certainly make some beautiful knives!


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                I used to spend time in Brussels. Whenever I had enough time, I took the train to Antwerp - what a difference. Everyone looked happy. Brussels is very dour - maybe speaking French gives you a permanent frown.
                "If you don't like my peaches, don't you shake my tree." Doc Watson


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                  Welcome to ABF Jan I hope we get to see your future creations and WIPs on here


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                    Gidday Jan, welcome to the forum
                    wave man AKA Dean
                    my YouTube channel
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                      Gday Jan , a great display of knives, I love the Japanese influence in your work. Along with some trench art I have one Belgian knife in my collection it is marked Licot a Namur.


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                        Hello, welcome to the forum. Would love to go to Belgium one day as I found out 7 years ago my great grandfather came from there somewhere. And meet my grandfathers siblings and their kids in England one day too. ONE DAY I WILL GET THERE...

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