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Just saying hi.

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  • Just saying hi.

    Hey everyone. Just made my way over from urban bunker where I heard about this place. Just thought I would introduce myself and say hello. My name is Mark and I am a 28 year old sparky from Brisbane. Into knives. Old motorcycles and traditional tattoos. Pleased to meet you all.

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    Re: Just saying hi.

    Hiya Mark, Welcome Aboard.

    You will recognise many names here, so feel free to post your thoughts and once you get over 5 posts you can include photo's ... maybe of your knives, motorbikes or tattoos?




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      Re: Just saying hi.

      Welcome to the forum.
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        Re: Just saying hi.

        Welcome Mark,
        I get the older motorcycles, I have an old Motoguzzi Lemans MK 3, but whats a "Traditional Tatoo"??
        Jump in and get involved, these bloke dont bite too hard.

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          Re: Just saying hi.

          Originally posted by dhc4ever
          but whats a "Traditional Tatoo"??
          probably the same ones that your recruit buddies got done at the Wagga tattooist did 35 years ago. I have seen a few standard tattoos that soldiers got done in the 70's. Plus the panther crawling up the arm.

          Good to see a Brisbane forumite, Mark, you are from Brisbane and not .......................... Ipswich ......
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            Re: Just saying hi.

            Hi Mark and welcome.


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              Re: Just saying hi.

              Yes. Definitely not Ipswich. New farm / fortitude valley to be exact. And as far as traditional tattoos. Think WWII era sailor tattoos. Pin up girls etc. I will post some photos some day when I figure out how to use Internet on my phone.