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Howdy from the state of Arkansas, USA

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  • Howdy from the state of Arkansas, USA

    Hello all,
    Thanks for letting me be a part of your group. I visited your beautiful country back in 1985 via the US Navy. We stopped at Geraldton where we met some very fine folks. I am looking forward to making lots of great friends here. God Bless. Ricky

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    Welcome Ricky!

    I am sure that you will make plenty of new friends here!

    Whatever your interest in knives there are members here who share your passion!!

    Regards Dutchy

    Australian Military Knives

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      Hi there Ricky. This is a great place to meet people who have the same interests as yourself.
      Welcome mate!
      Glenn Waters!/PocketArtByGlennWaters


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        Hello and welcome Ricky, its an awesome place with excellent people here, im sure you'll fit right in! best wishes and take care


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          Welcome mate. Nice to have you here!


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            Thanks for the warm welcome!!!

            Thank you for the warm welcome. One of my fondest memories is of being on the island of Bandos in the Maldives where we met a newlywed Aussie couple. Imagine a bunch of drunked sailors toasting the new couple by singing "Waltzing Matilda" while playing the music on comb and paper. Also a big thank you to the Aussie sailors who had our backs in the hotel bar in Singapore. No worries with Aussie mates at your back.


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              G,day Ricky, Good to have you on board.

              Sleep is for the weak.


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                Welcome aboard Ricky!
                Cheers Keith
                ABS Journeyman Smith

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                  Welcome to the forum. I've been to lots of places in the US but, unfortunately, not Arkansas. One day ......
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                    Heys ricky! Welcome mate! Aussies and yanks go way back in both our military histories


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                      Welcome, have fun and thank you for your service.
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                        Gday Ricky, welcome to the abf. There is plenty to see and get involved in , whatever you collect . Post some photos and we can have a look at your collection.


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                          Welcome to ABF Ricky Williams I hope we get to see your collection and hear some more stories about your travels


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                            Gidday Ricky, welcome to the forum
                            wave man AKA Dean
                            my YouTube channel
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                              G'day Ricky , i was also alongside Geraldton wharf in '85 on HMAS Stuart when the yanks were in , for memory 3 days R&R after joint excercises.
                              Welcome to ABF mate and enjoy your stay , AB