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G'day g'day and how ya goin

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  • G'day g'day and how ya goin

    Gday my name is Shaun but you can call me Gibbo if you wish,I've been forging for about two years now I started out with a coal forge I made but for the last 6 months I've been playin with the gas forge,I don't get much time to play though.ive forged probably 25 knives most of which I've sold or done for gifts I have done a machete,and a tomahawk out of a railway always bettering my work and trying new things to test myself,I live in hassall grove in western Sydney if anyone else is close we'll have to meet up and bash out some knives.
    Cheers gibbo

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    Welcome to ABF Shaun I look forward to seeing your future creations


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      Hello and welcome to the forum Shaun


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        Welcome aboard
        Stewart Townsend
        Australian Knifemakers Guild

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          Hi Gibbo,

          Great to see another knifemaker in Sydney coming in out of the dark. Post some pictures of your work! There are quite a few of us in Sydney that meet pretty regularly. Normally either at my place or alternately at Keith Fludder's workshop down in Tahmoor.

          t would be great to meet you. We had 30 odd people at the last one. Keith's next one is promising to be even bigger.

          They are a great opportunity to discuss our hobby, and try different things, materials, tools and so on.

          The last one can be seen here

          *Edit* Just noticed you already signed up for keith's hammer in!
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            Cheers for the welcome guys,yeah corin I'm on board for keiths hammer in I can't wait.


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              still only new here myself but welcome.


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                Welcome Gibbo

                I see you have been lurking long enough! Time you came in out of the cold.

                How about going to the Gallery lets see some of your work.

                You should know by now, "If there are no Pic's! It didn't happen!"

                Regards Dutchy

                Australian Military Knives

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                  Hi Gibbo great to have another forger here nothing like a good forge fire


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                    Welcome mate look forward to see some of your work cheers
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                      Gday Gibbo, welcome , post some photos so we can see your work.


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                        Welcome to ABF Shaun


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                          Gidday Gibbo, welcome to the forum
                          wave man AKA Dean
                          my YouTube channel
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