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  • Hello from Perth

    Hello all.

    My names Frank, im from Perth and have have just got into knife making. Ive made training knives for a few years and have decided to start teaching myself this great art form. Ive set up a small shop in my shed and have been collecting recycled steel (files etc) to start practising on.

    Im interested in functional and affordable pieces and I like all blades associated with asian martial arts. Ive just finished my first knife (I'll post it in tbe custom thread) and have heaps of questions etc.

    Id like to network with knife makers in Perth especially and am excited about finishing my first piece.

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    Welcome to ABF Frank I look forward to being able to see your future knives and WIP's


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      Hi Frank

      Welcome to the forum!

      I am sure you will get plenty of help from the members. I am continually amazed at the quality of work produced by members here and their generosity with advice and assistance for newcomers.

      Looking forward to seeing your work as it progresses.

      Regards Dutchy

      Australian Military Knives

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        Hello and welcome Frank, you will find a lot of advise and very freindly people willing to help out on ABF. i look forward to pic's of your work.


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          Welcome to ABF Frank

          You have come to a good place to learn and share , I had never thought i would get the opportunity to make a knife , but through the generosity and knowledge of the members here , myself and others have been able to learn and begin a hobby in knife making.
          Good to see another west aussie onboard and looking forward to seeing your work.


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            Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.


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              Hi Frank
              Your definitely at the right place to learn more about knifemakng and all the associated mini crafts that knifemaking entails.


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                Hi Frank! Great to see another WA knifemaker


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                  Hi Frank, there is a heap of information and great people here too. Welcome from another new member.




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                    Welcome aboard
                    Stewart Townsend
                    Australian Knifemakers Guild


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                    One knife.
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                      Gidday Frank, welcome to the forum
                      wave man AKA Dean
                      my YouTube channel
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                        Hi Frank, wecome from Brisbane.


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                          The other members have pretty much said it all Frank. Welcome aboard from a Sandgroper currently "over East". Looking back from the time I joined, the amount of new makers, new projects and information sharing has exploded. You'll find a lot of advice, info and encouragement here. Go the Dockers!!!!!!!!!