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    Hi Everyone,
    Just signed up for the forum, checking out the BladeSport Events. I have been collecting since a teenager, but now, at 52 am really enjoying knifework of quality. I spent 26 years in the Police and now teach Computing at TAFE.

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    Welcome to the forum.
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      Welcome Mickp. Plenty of good information here.


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        Welcome From police to IT now that's a career change. Look forward to seeing some or all of your collection.
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          Welcome Mick. Great to have you here.
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            Welcome mate! Did you carry a knife on duty?


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              Hello and welcome Mick, hope you enjoy your time here


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                Hi there Mick., welcome to the forum.
                Over the years I have known quite a few police. They all liked and collected knives, guns etc. Just goes to show, police are real guys too.
                Glenn Waters


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                  welcome mate enjoy your time here and thank you for your time as a policeman much respect
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                    G'day MickP

                    Welcome to the forum!

                    I am sure you will enjoy your visits here!!

                    Now, go immediately to the Gallery and post some images of your knives!!

                    If we don'r see them. We don't believe you've got them

                    Regards Dutchy

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                      Welcome aboard
                      Stewart Townsend
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                        Gday Mick, welcome aboard you'll find an array of great knives here to look at. With plenty of knowledgeable people to yarn with.


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                          Welcome to ABF Mick i hope you enjoy yourself here


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                            Thanks for the welcome. I will post pics when I have time to sit down and do it. Had a bit of trouble re-logging in. Seems OK now. I used to carry a small Kershaw folder when working and found it extremely useful. Always kept it as sharp as I could though. Then finally upgraded to an Applegate Fairbairne Combat Folder. That was (and still is) a useful knife. Used it cut everything from plastic packing tape to cable ties and seat belts. Not so much now though. Still have my first knife, a sheath knife 4!/2 inch blade Solingon. Used it for hunting and camping when I was a kid and taught myself to throw with it.


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                              Gidday Mick, welcome to the forum
                              wave man AKA Dean
                              my YouTube channel
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