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  • joblo64

    Hi All
    From Kurri Kurri NSW
    I have been slowly getting a collection going over the last few years. I have been interested in knives since I was a pup, 49 years young. Boilermaker by trade currently in a quality coordinators role in northern China heading back to Oz very soon. Does anyone know of the Chinese making their own folders, not for Buck or Puma etc but their own. I know Paul Chen,Hanwei, has his workshop at Dalian 2 hours from where I am currently situated but I believe, correct me if I am wrong, he does sell from the factory.

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    There is a company on aliexpress who makes copies of everything .
    He recently stopped making counterfeits so now they are inspired by knives.
    A lot of reviews reckon they are great knives for the price. Don't know where their made but here is an example.
    The brand name is WILD BOAR .

    I normally would not say anything good about these type of copies but because they no longer try and get away with stating that they are "Striders /Hinderers excreta
    I think they are trying to make good knives at a great price.
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      Hi Joblo

      Welcome to the forum.

      How about when you get home, get the camera out and post some images of your collection in the Gallery.

      Regards Dutchy

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        Welcome joblo. Can't help with the knives, but I would try to pick up some good quality traditional Chinese knives, rather than something made for our market.
        Originally posted by Knife mad View Post
        "Striders /Hinderers excreta
        That's just poetry, KM. I can't work out whether it was accidental or on purpose.


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          Yep traditional stuff is what I am after, not interested in the cheap stuff they are copying.


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            Welcome to ABF JoBlo I hope we get to see pics of your collection at some point


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              Gday Joblo welcome, I'd definitely go for the traditional knives while your in China. A massive country with such diversity your bound to find some interesting pieces.


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                Originally posted by Joblo64 View Post
                Hi All
                From Kurri Kurri NSW.
                Welcome from a fellow new member, i drove thru Kurri on the weekend, love the nostagia fest they hold there!
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                  welcome aboard mate , look fwd to seeing your collection when you get home.


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                    Gidday Joblo, welcome to the forum
                    wave man AKA Dean
                    my YouTube channel
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                      Welcome to the forum.
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