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  • S.A Newbie.

    Hello, all.

    After a bit of reading among your pages I have decided to join up.
    I have already learnt a fair bit and hope to learn more through interacting with this community.

    Making my own knife has been a personal goal for about 6 months now. I have decided on a shape, but I know it wont turn out perfect first shot
    Now I just need to get the tooling together and I'll be destroying potential knives in no time!

    I'm a fitter and turner by trade so the mystical art of metal-working is not that foreign to me. However, I make ugly monstrosities of industry, you all make absolute works of art.
    One day, I promise, I'll be at your level.

    I most likely won't be an overly active member or contribute very much, but I'll definitely be learning.

    I would like to ask one question in my first post.
    Where should I get 1095 flat stock from? specifically 1/8th
    I could get it from one of the major steel suppliers but I believe there are some knife-maker suppliers getting around. I would rather give them my money.

    I look forward to my time here.

    Regards, Kev.

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    welcome to the forums mate, you will learn heaps here.


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      Welcome to ABF Kev I am sure someone will help with your question and i look forward to seeing your finished knife


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        Welcome and ur steel needs are right here in this forum

        Sent while feeding the sharks


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          welcome aboard Kev , drugdependant has posted you a link to Niroc's forum , it appears he has 1084 left in the size your looking for 1/8'' = 0.125


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            Wecome aboard, 1084 would be fine.

            I was told by someone far more knowledgeable that me that 1084 is the best mix of carbon and iron in the steel matrix. I don't know, but I trust the man.
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              Gday Kev , welcome to the Abf I hope you enjoy your time here .


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                Welcome Kev, from one Fitter to another!
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                  Gidday Kev, welcome to the forum
                  wave man AKA Dean
                  my YouTube channel
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                    Welcome to the forum mate!

                    No 1095 left sadly on the order coming in next month, but as they said above 1084 is excellent, and 52100 has roughly the same % carbon, it too is an excellent steel and one of my favourites. Otherwise you can place your order now for the next shipment.
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                      Thank you to everyone for the kind welcome.
                      What an excellent community this is.

                      Niroc, I have just sent you a PM without checking this thread. You'll find an order for some 1084.


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                        Hi Kev

                        Welcome to the forum.

                        Looking forward to seeing your progress as a knife maker.


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                          Hi Kev, welcome to the forum.
                          As a fitter and turner you should have a keen eye for tolerances which will hold you in good stead for your quest as a knifemaker. I look forward to seeing your work.