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complete newbie & aspiring amateur hobbyist blade maker

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  • complete newbie & aspiring amateur hobbyist blade maker

    In other words, I'm just doing it for the challenge, and to have fun!

    I'm a sparky by trade and find working with my hands to create to be rather therapeutic and if I can create something useful and awesome, then even better.

    I greatly appreciate quality craftsmanship and materials regardless of artistic discipline, and am enjoying the opportunity to learn about and create some of my own.

    I look forward to learning and conversing on here greatly.


    Here's a pic of my first (very amateur) attempt at knife making from some 1075 steel.

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    Welcome aboard, you should get some good info here.
    Stewart Townsend
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      Welcome joshman. You have come to the right place if you want to learn about knives - the depth of knowledge amongst the members here is unreal, and they're good people as well! That's a good looking knife for a first effort - I've never made one so I take my hat off to anyone who has. Cheers mate


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        welcome Joshman , cool looking wrap on the handle


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          Hey Josh. I have been a member here for a while and I gotta say if you need info on how to create pretty much any knife shape/type/finish you will find it here. Welcome to ABF.


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            Hello and welcome Josh, great,inforamtive and very helpful people here and thats a fine first crack at the world of knife making


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              Gidday Josh, welcome to the forum
              wave man AKA Dean
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                Welcome to the forum mate! Looks like a great little user you have going there! I look forward to seeing more of your work.
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                  Welcome to the forum and you have done something a lot of us are wishing we do in the future. Well done!!!


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                    Welcome to ABF Josh I think you will find any information you seek on knives here


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                      Welcome Josh, nice first blade and good choice of steel.


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                        Welcome to the addiction mate. Great first blade, always very rewarding especially the first time you use it. I keep looking for reasons to cut stuff so I can use the first knife I made.


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                          Gday Josh welcome you'll find some fantastic makers here for inspiration.


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                            Hi Josh

                            Welcome to the forum.

                            That's a great start!!

                            I look forward to seeing more of your blades as your skills develop.


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