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    Plainsman, Model 971, 1969. Two blades, one clip and one bone saw, two locking springs

    The early versions of the Model 970, 971 and 972 were branded as "Plainsman" not "Game Warden" but were the same knife There weren't many Plainsmans made before the name was changed, so any knife in the series branded "Plainsman is highly desirable and very scarce.

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      Bayernmesser (Boot Knife) Model 3573, 1981. The interesting point is that the brown sheath was factory packed, The black sheath with metal clip was sold separately. Not too many examples around with both sheaths

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        Trail Guide, Model 6382, 1980

        From a collector's perspective, one could take two different paths. There were many more Trail Guides produced with Stag scales than those with wood scales. Which is more desirable? Stag is attractive but wood in this model is scarce.

        Almost all my Pumas are Mint ~ As New. Here's a well used example that shows how much the original owner cared for his knives (Thanks Andrew for a great deal!)

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          "My Knife"

          Model 11 - 3011

          I only keep this one as a novelty. Puma markets this as a "Young Person's Knife" and suggests that it is ideal for ages 8 yo to 12 yo. The scales are removable via an allen key, and a range of plastic scales are available with pictures of a truck, a train, a fish etc. About half the blade, from the ricasso out, is sharp then from there the knife is seriously blunt with a round point.

          The idea is that you give this to "Junior" with the pretty plastic scales, and when "Junior" is old enough to not do anything risky you refit the stag scales and send the knife off to Solingen where it is re ground into a proper usable hunting knife.

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            Sportmesser Model 6305

            Earlier I posted the Sportmesser 6301

            There were five different model knives branded as "Sportmesser" ie 6301 to 6305. Clearly these are of the so called "Scout" style, but unusual as most of the many variations of the Scout knives are simply branded "Puma Solingen' or "Puma Germany" etc with no specific model name (and there are lots of different models post WWII right up to the mid 1990's)

            Puma's own records before November 1964 are pretty sketchy, but after a lot of correspondence and photos etc we've determined that the Sportmessers were only produced between 1957 and 1962, and were not common. (Thanks Julia in Solingen for your research)

            Here's an absolutely mint example of the 6305

            Click image for larger version

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              Puma Scout. Typically only showing "Puma Germany"

              This was a find in a small private owned sports store, the current owner having found a few knives out the back in a box that could have been there for years, certainly from a previous owner or two, who can say? This one was still in its factory sealed bulk pack plastic

              Puma catalogues suggest model 9105. Could have been made anywhere between 1975 and 1990

              Particularly nice one piece stag handle between typical micarta spacers. Quite a lot of the Scouts had two pieces of stag held together by small brass pins, and sometimes the two halves didn't match so well

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                Silver Lion, Model 110215

                Another model with no control number or any form of dating. However the model only appears in catalogues from 1993 to 1996. Not many examples around, but a really nice design that for whatever reason didn't endure

                Click image for larger version

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